Rooms/Events - Creating a Room, and getting a shareable link for attendees

Step 1 - Go to the Events & Rooms page.

Login to Grapevine and go to the Events & Rooms page.

Step 2 - Click + Add New

Step 3 - Fill out info fields

Decide if you want to create an Event Room or an Always-Open Room.

Event Rooms have a start and end time. Always-Open Rooms are always open, and can be used as longterm meeting/conference/hangout spaces.

You will see different fields to fill out depending on your selection (i.e. fields to specifiy a start/end time).

Step 4 - Choose a location (applies to Event Rooms only)

If you want, you can list events that aren't on Grapevine, such as in-person events or virtual events on other platforms such as Zoom.

For Zoom events, include the Zoom meeting/webinar url. Grapevine will know it is a Zoom link and will show a Join Zoom button instead of the standard Join Room button. This makes it easy for attendees to move to your Zoom webinars from within Grapevine events.

Step 5 - Locate the Room's Shareable URL

Click Submit to create the room, and the room's Landing Page will open in a new tab.

You can share the url of this Landing Page with attendees. In the future, another way to get the url is to click the Copy URL button when viewing the room card on the Events & Rooms page.

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💡  This article also shows where to find your Organizer Page url, which makes it easy to just view your listings (and not see listings from other users).

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