2021-04-18 - Default zoom level; Speed networking; Welcome tips

If you've been craving the ability to change the starting Zoom Level for your room, this update's for you!


1. Configure the Starting Position in your room

Previously, you had to line everything up with the blue rectangle that represented the center of your room.  You won't see this blue rectangle anymore.

As shown in the below GIF, to set the starting position people see when they enter your room, simply go to Room Options > General Options, then scroll to the bottom and click the button that says Save Current Position.
Try refreshing the page, and it should start at the exact spot you were at when saving your position!


1. Speed Round improvements

Until today, setting up Speed Rounds/Networking was far from intuitive. You had to go to 3+ different places just to set your desired settings!
Now, all settings are found in More > Timers & Tables Shuffles.  If you start a timer for a speed round, you then simply click on the desired seating sections, then click Apply.
When calculating your next match, we now consider:
  • Who is already at your table.
    Example: If you only have 2 tables with 2 people each (4 people total), you should now be with a different person each time. Previously, you might be with the same person multiple rounds in a row.
  • Who you have not talked to in this particular seating section.
    Example: If there are multiple Speed Round sections ("Space Nerds", "BioTech Talk", "Ask Me Anything") and I talked with you in Space Nerds but I'm now in BioTech Talk, it will prioritize you over other people who I've already talked to in BioTalk people.

2. Welcome Tips for first-timers

Not much to say here. If you haven't seen these yet, you'll see them next time you enter a room.
To ensure everyone who needs them sees them, attendees will continue seeing these welcome tips until:
  1. They click through the first couple of tips; or
  2. They have been in 2+ rooms on Grapevine

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