Guest Mode

Heads up: You can't make people Hosts or Super Users while they're in Guest Mode. You can still include them in Broadcasts, however.

Guest Mode lets people access your room without the fuss of registration, if they don't already have a Grapevine account.

Enabling Guest Mode

Guest Mode can be used with all Visibility & Access levels except "Specific people"

Go to the basic Room Settings wizard (where you edit the room title, description, etc. via these instructions) and enable the option to Allow Guests without GV accounts.

What does Guest Mode look like from the attendee perspective?

Glad you asked!  See the GIF below.

Is it easy to switch from Guest Mode to a signed-in account?

Yes! As shown in the below GIF, when in Guest Mode there is an indicator block above your video at all times.  If you click it, you are given the option to Sign In.

What happens if I switch from Guest Mode to a signed-in account?

At the moment, your attendance history is maintained, but everything else is deleted when you leave Guest Mode (messages, people you talked to, etc.)

In the near future your messages will likely be maintained too.

How does this affect Organizer reporting?

You will still see each Guest Mode attendees on your reporting, but you'll see "(Guest Mode)" in place of their email address.  If they first join in Guest Mode and then end up signing in, you'll just see them once (not listed as Guest Mode).

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