2021-04-13 - Guest Mode, improved login & registration

It's official - it's now possible to enter Grapevine rooms without the fuss of registration!


1. Guest Mode - Let people access your room without the fuss of registration.

This was a hugely popular feature request, so we're excited to release it!

For more information and to learn how to enable Guest Mode, see this support article.


1. Chat - Speed and UX improvements

We now only load the last few threads — as well as messages for each thread — by default, and there is a Load More button to see more.  This should help for those of you who have racked up quite the collection of messages over the last year 🤓

Miscellaneous other improvements here as well.

2. Chat - Mark as read should now work much better

Previously, it was possible for a chat to not be "marked as read" even if you did indeed see it.  The only fix was to switch to another thread and then come back.  This was annoying in that it caused misleading unread indicators, and also triggered emails for things you'd already seen.

Long story short: this should annoy you no more!

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