2021-04-08 - Standing Room; Control playback of shared videos, and more


1. Control playback of Shared External Videos.

Check the box to control video playback.  ex. If you pause the video, it also pauses for everyone else.

*Only available for YouTube, not Vimeo.

2. Standing Room.

If you're at a 2-4 person table, and someone is waiting in line, you can now essentially create another seat for them (or "standing room") to add them to the table with you.

Up to 2 people can be in a table's Standing Room at a time.

3. Add External Links to Room Announcements.

Now when sending a text alert to the room, if your goal is to get attendees to go to another platform, you can paste a link to the desired destination and a button will be included in the announcement popup.


When a Shared External Video begins, viewers are auto-muted and informed that they have been muted to reduce echo.


  • Fixed a bug that caused some people's profile photos to be super zoomed in
  • Fixed a bug that caused the host to sometimes be kicked out of the room when attempting to send a room-wide text alert. Seemed to only apply to Windows, potentially just Microsoft Edge.

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