Rooms/Events - Room Directories

You can create multiple Rooms (not to be confused with Tables) for different purposes, and let attendees move between them using an Other Rooms button that appears at the right of the page.

Here's an example of when this would be useful:

  • Room #1
    5-8pm — Open for networking
  • Room #2
    5:30-6:15pm — Presentation: Using Technology to Create a Greener Earth
    6:45-7:30pm — Presentation: Raising Funding for Your Startup

The Room Directory (also known as "Other Rooms") appears automatically if you have multiple active and applicable Rooms to switch between. That's a mouthful, so let's break down what "applicable" means.

In summary, the Room Directory appears if the Organizer of the room you are in has other rooms that you have access to.

Consider an example where you're in one of your rooms now (let's call this Room A) with your friend Jacob, and you then create another room (Room B).

  • If Room B is Public or Org-Listed, the Room Directory will appear for both of you
  • If Room B is Unlisted or for Specific People, the Room Directory will only appear for Jacob if he is on the Guest List.
  • Regardless, you will always see the Room Directory, since you have access to Room B.

In a more complicated example where you have several rooms, Jacob would see the Room Directory which would only show rooms he has access to. Unless he has access to 0 rooms, in which case he wouldn't see the Room Directory 😔

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