Managing your Organizer account

Step 1 - Go to your Organizer Settings

Login to Grapevine and go to More > Settings > Organizer Settings.

If you have not created an event yet, you may see a button that says Activate Organizer Account. Click this to proceed.

Step 2 - Set your Organizer Name and Page URL

Organizer Name. By default, this is your name. If you are using Grapevine to host events for a company/organization, you can put that name here instead. Think of this as the difference between your events saying "Hosted by Christian Bale" (your actual name) vs. "Hosted by Mass Networking".

You can click the New Organizer button to have multiple Organizer accounts under a single Grapevine login. Each Organizer account can have its own subscription level and is billed separately. So using the above example, maybe you plan on hosting some events with friends as Christian Bale, but most events will be for your Mass Networking company.

Page URL. Using the above example, I might enter mass-networking to make my Organizer Page URL A real example you can look at is As you can see, the Organizer Page looks nearly identical to the Events & Rooms page, but exclusively lists your organization's events/rooms.

Step 3 - Invite People to your Organization

You can invite other people to help manage your events. All members of an Organization are "hosts" of all its events/rooms.

Step 4 - Choose a Subscription Plan

Once you are ready to host a real event on Grapevine with more than 10 people, you can click the Manage Subscription button to choose a plan that meets your needs.

If you have any special requests, we are happy to chat!

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