On our Roadmap is the ability to record your presentations in the cloud.  In the meantime, we do offer browser-based recordings, which get the job done with a little patience 🤓

You can start a recording at any time by going to More > Recordings.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. You will be prompted to share your screen.

You can elect to share your browser window or your entire desktop. Whatever you choose is what will be recorded.

2. Beware of sharing Tabs/Windows, if this is a formal presentation.

If doing an internal recording for you / your team, this is less important.

If this is an event presentation that you'll be sharing afterwards (i.e. to YouTube), we recommend:

  1. Share either your Desktop, or your Application Window (Chrome) while it is in full-screen mode. If you do choose "Application Window" and then resize it while recording, the end result may look odd.
  2. Use a separate computer for the recording. We realize not everybody has a spare computer available, but if you do, it can be helpful to record on that.

3. Ensure you have ample space on your computer.

Recordings are handled directly within your browser, not by Grapevine.

If the recorded file size exceeds your available storage space, you won't be able to save it!

Plan for 1.5GB per hour.

4. Convert to MP4 — Playback can be buggy in .webm files

Recordings are saved to your computer in .webm format. This format may not play correctly in all video players (you may hear audio but not see video), but unfortunately it is only the format browsers can record video in at this time.

We recommend installing the open-source VLC Player, which is probably what you should be using anyways, since it's way better than your computer's default!

That said, it is easy to convert .webm files to any other format (we recommend .mp4) using free software

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