Queues for Sections, Tables, and Welcoming Attendees

Welcome to the magical land of Queues in Grapevine!

Queue Controls can be accessed within your room by going to More > Room Options > Queues.

Table Queues

Created automatically when a table is full, unless disabled in your Queue Controls.

Section Queues

Created manually by you, and are always visible. There are two types of Section Queues (you choose the type using the dropdown next to the + Queue button):

  1. Welcome Queues. There can only be 1 of these. Attendees are automatically added to the Welcome Queue as they join the room for the first time. This is useful in situations such as when you want to greet your attendees as they enter.
  2. General Queues. These are for all other purposes!

If multiple tables are in the section, attendees will be placed at whichever table becomes available first.

This is one reason you would create a Section Queue instead of relying on auto-created Table Queues — a Section Queue can be used for purposes such as a support line, where the next person in line speaks with the next available representative.

To create a Section Queue...

Click  + Queue to create a new Section Queue (Welcome or General).

Red buttons will appear over each section for you to select one for the queue. Click anywhere else to cancel.

Super Users will still see a  Join button on the tables in the queue section, so they can join the tables directly and meet with attendees in line. Attendees will not see a Join button on the tables in the queue section. Instead, they will see a Join button on the Queue sign which they can click to get in line.

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