2021-03-28 - Small new features; Large improvements!

New features:

  1. 🌟 Switchable channels. If you're having trouble seeing/hearing people, you can "change the channel" at the bottom of the page, and Grapevine will try a different method of connecting everyone.  This should help many situations such as low internet speeds and secure/fussy networks.
  2. Add someone to your table via the Attendee Dropdown.
  3. Add/remove yourself to/from the current broadcast.  Previously, you could add/remove other people, but not yourself.
  4. Listen Only mode. If enabled (via the Controls tab at the right of the screen), you won't see other people's videos, you'll just hear them. They will still see you unless your camera is off.
  5. Hide your own video. There are 3 types of people in this world:
    (1) Those who enjoy staring at themselves, and always position their video up with everyone else's.
    (2) Those without an opinion.
    (3) Those who'd prefer NOT to see themselves.

    If you're person #3, there's now a button to hide your video from view!


  1. Bottom control bar design changes.
    1. Among them: Raise Hand will now flash yellow like a car blinker, so people won't forget their hands are up. (Shoutout to @JoshLang!)

  2. You can now join/start a Broadcast with your microphone/camera off, or while screensharing. Previously, your camera/mic needed to be on, and screenshares would terminate upon joining.
  3. When joining a Broadcast (as an audience member or participant), messaging now appears to tell you what's happening.  If participating, you see a YOU ARE LIVE! full-screen message.

Bug fixes:

  1. Many misc. improvements to audio/video connections (which was the focus of this update).
  2. There were reports of people needing to mute/unmute themselves to get their audio working, which should now be fixed.
  3. "Host has not started this event" — Sometimes, when someone's computer isn't compatible with Grapevine, they don't see an error message, but the room does not fully load. Now, this should never be the case - we added several more error messages to help people self-resolve!

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