Guest Lists - Using an External Registration Page (Eventbrite, etc.)

Grapevine lets users RSVP to events, but if you use an external registration system such as Eventbrite, you probably want to make it clear to Grapevine users that they need to register on that external system to attend your event.

Luckily, you can!

Step 1 - Navigate to the Event Room detail form create a new event or edit an existing one.  For instructions, see this article.

Step 2 - Set RSVP method to "External RSVPs"

When filling out the details for your upcoming Grapevine event, you can set RSVP method to "External RSVPs", then enter the url for registration.

Now if someone RSVPs on Grapevine, they will be prompted to register at the external url you provided, as shown in the screenshot below.

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