2021-02-06 - Drag/drop room design, new section types, and more

A grand update was released this morning with many improvements, one of them being the ability to drag+drop floor sections instead of using dropdowns such as "last section in column" πŸ₯³

See the below GIF for a glimpse of the new functionality.
Note: Because this involved moving to a new system where every section now has a X/Y coordinate instead of being dynamically placed, existing rooms will not look the way they did previously without some minor adjustments.

Release Notes

  1. ↔️  Floor sections can now be dragged/resized anywhere on the page.
  2. 🐭  Click + drag with your mouse to move around the room.
  3. 🎬  Add text blocks (sticky notes), images, videos, embedded Google Docs, etc. to your rooms. Let attendees create these as well to collaborate together. See when other people are editing a sticky note / see their changes in real-time.
  4. πŸͺ‘ Instead of making a section visible to the room, you can make it visible to a particular table. This makes it possible to create virtual exhibits where attendees go table to table seeing different slide decks / videos / etc.
  5. 🟑  Change the color of the room status message.
  6. ✏️  Let attendees rename tables, or just tables in certain sections.
  7. πŸ’­  Enter a message to automatically popup when attendees enter your room.
  8. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦  Decide whether sponsor banners should stick to the top of the page while scrolling down.
  9. πŸ”™  Redesigned room header, with a new "Exit sign"!

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