Roles & Permissions - Hosts, Super Users, etc... What's the difference?

Organization Permissions

When inviting someone to be part of your organization (instructions here), there are two roles to choose from:


  • Have access to view/edit the details on the Organizer Settings page, such as your organization's name and billing plan.
  • Can do everything a Member can do.


  • Are automatically added as "hosts" of any of your organization's events/rooms.
  • Can create new events/rooms for your organization.
  • Can update your Organizer Page. More info here.

Example: Your organization ("All Star Event Group") has 3 members: Paul, Adam, and Roxanne. If Paul creates an event for All Star Event Group, Adam and Roxanne will be added as hosts automatically.

Event/Room Permissions

Permissions for events & rooms can be managed when inside a room, by clicking More > Room Options and expanding the Permissions section.


  • Have full access to everything in this event/room. They can change the room's styling/configuration, make attendees "super users", start broadcasts, etc.

Super Users...

  • Can join the Presenter Table, if in Presentation Layout.
  • Can serve Table Queues.

    Attendees see a "Join" button on the Queue sign, instead of on the tables like they usually do.

    Super Users do still see the usual "Join" button on the tables, so they can jump directly to the table they are supposed to sit at.

    Super Users also see "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the Queue sign, so they can lock their queue to prevent more attendees from lining up.

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