Guest Lists - Pre-registering guests, and restricting access.

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This article explains how to create a Guest List for your event or room. Why would you want to do this, instead of just sharing the direct url with them?

  1. Guest List members see your listing in their Events & Rooms feed. Otherwise, if your listing's visibility is not set to "Public", they will need to be sure to use the direct url you send. This can sometimes be confusing for new users.
  2. Easier to join thanks to pre-registration. If someone has not used Grapevine before and they aren't on your Guest List, they'll be prompted to create an account (and confirm their email) before entering your event. If on your Guest List, they can simply sign in with the email you specify and review their virtual business card, since you can pre-populate their name, bio, LinkedIn, etc. See the GIF at the bottom of this page.
  3. Restrict access. You can [optionally] make sure only your Guest List can access your event. This prevents link-sharing, etc.
    1. Note: You can make a Guest List and still make the event accessible to anyone with the link. Restricting access is simply an option available to you. This is described in detail at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 - Go to the Landing Page of your event or room

Sign into Grapevine and navigate to your listing's Landing Page. One way to find it is to go to the Events & Rooms page, then click on the name of your event/room.

Landing Page URLs look like this:

Step 2 - Select the "Guest List" report

Scroll down to the "people reports" section.
Set the report to Guest List.  It may default to "Attendees" when you load the page.

Step 3 - Click "Update List"

If you include an email here that you've already invited, we'll update that person's info if they have not yet signed into Grapevine.

Select Manual entry to type info by hand, or to copy/paste.

This is easier when you're just expecting a couple of guests, adding somebody on the fly, or have a tabular data you can copy/paste.

Select CSV upload for bulk updates.

The first row MUST be a header row.

Grapevine will use the column names in your header row to auto-populate the field dropdowns, but you can override this for each column using the dropdowns.

If you would like Grapevine to auto-populate the dropdowns correctly, use the following as your column names:

  • Note: Column names are not case sensitive 🙂
Field name in Grapevine Supported CSV column names Notes
First name 'first name', 'fname', 'first', 'first_name'
Last name 'last name', 'lname', 'last', 'last_name', 'surname'
Full name* 'full name', 'fullname', 'full_name' *We will automatically split this into two columns (first & last name) ONLY IF you do not have first name / last name columns elsewhere. Otherwise, this column will be ignored.
Email 'email'
Company name 'company', 'company name', 'employer', 'organization'
LinkedIn 'linkedin', 'linkedin url', 'linkedin_url'
Profile snippet 'snippet', 'bio', 'about', 'title', 'industry', 'job', 'job title'
Zipcode 'zipcode', 'zip', 'postal', 'postalcode', 'postal code'

 Related Tips

1. Update your listing's Visibility & Access setting.

When editing or creating an event, you can set the Visibility & Access to "Specific people" to restrict attendees to your Guest List.

If you choose a different Visibility & Access (Public, Unlisted, etc.), you can still make a Guest List, but people not on the Guest List will still be able to access the event.  Members of your Guest List will enjoy the conveniences noted at the top of this article.

2. Want to remove everyone from your Guest List?

  1. Click Update List as shown in Step 3.
  2. Set "Remove existing guests who aren't on this new list?" to Yes.
  3. Then simply click Submit. Your Guest List will now be empty.

3. Here's what it looks like when someone on your Guest List enters your room, if they've never been on Grapevine:

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